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Origins of Human Language

Written By Kepri Online on Sunday, April 24, 2011 | 07:38

It can not be denied again if language is a means or intermediary for humans to communicate with each other in their daily life.

Through language, we can know if someone like, hate, happy or angry with us, through language, we also can know someone's personality, as well as the language of science and technology is developing rapidly.

There is interesting information that I get when reading one article on page kompas.com, namely about the origins of human language. Science Magazine, 15 April 2011 edition mentions that the language used by humans for the first emerged in southern Africa, then spread to all corners of the world.

Based on studies conducted Quentin Atkinson, a researcher from the University of Auckland, New Zealand searching for a track record of world's languages.

Quentin to do research on how to break the 504 language into phonemes, the smallest component in a language. Phonemes derived from the Latin, phonema, meaning the spoken voice. The more variety of phonemes in one language, the language will become the source of another language have fewer phonemes.

Quentin research also concluded that the further a community or group human traveled from Africa in historical track record, then the less well used phonemes in their language.

That is, the languages ​​in South America and the Pacific Islands have fewer phonemes, whereas in African languages ​​more.

The pattern of spread of this language, it has similarities with the study of genetic research or joint. As is known in the general rule, the farther a person out of Africa, which is widely regarded as the origin of human ancestors, the smaller the difference between individuals in the population of the individual groups when compared with the diversity in the region of origin, Africa.

Quentin study is to apply the same cutting-edge statistical methods to contruct genetic tree based on DNA sequence. Regarding the use of this method in finding the source of human language, a linguist, Brian D Joseph from the University of Ohio, said, as a source of new insights in the study in its field.

"I think we're supposed to be watching this case very seriously even though there are still those who would reject it," said Joseph.

Atkinson's study is unique because it tries to find the root language of a very ancient time. About the age of the language was still being debated because on the other side while the fact was found that the language has reached the age of 50,000 years.

However, on the other hand some other linguists are still skeptical of the facts in the meantime. They found another factor that is the development of words very quickly so that the possibility of language itself does not age more than 10,000 years. (kepri online/kabar kepri)

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