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Customs Seized Fuel Smuggler Rp221 Billion

Written By Kepri Online on Sunday, September 30, 2012 | 14:48

Special Regional Office of Directorate General of Customs Riau Islands province seized crude oil, high speed diesel ) and Marine Fuel Oil worth Rp221 billion in four cases of smuggling involving four tankers and a tugboat.

"This is an achievement that is quite spectacular for the Riau Islands Customs Office, in the not too long could caught four cases of smuggling of fuel, the import and export of three," said Director of Enforcement and Investigation Directorate General of Customs Rahmat Subagyo on the super tanker Martha Global anchored in the waters of Tanjung Balai Karimun Thursday.

Rahmat Subagyo accompanied by the Head Office of the Special General of Riau Islands Customs HB Wicaksono visit to see first hand the continuation of the investigation of the ships fuel smuggler arrested in the water of Riau Islands.

The total value of the seized fuel in four cases, according to him reached Rp221 billion.

"Of the four cases that came to light, the biggest is the case of MT Global Martha carrying nearly 32,000 kiloliters of crude oil valued at Rp216 billion," he said.

MT Martha Global (Indonesian flag) caught in the waters of Tanjung Berakit by patrol boat BC-8005 on 19 September 2012 because it does not include customs documents.

"Fuel is transported from the Global Martha caraway allegedly about to smuggled into Malaysia. Patrol officers caught up and prevention when the vessel was about to cross the border waters," he said.

Three other cases, he explained, the smuggling of 102 tons Marine Fuel Oil worth Rp700 million transported MT Hornett Hornet (flagged Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia).

MT Hornet caught by patrol boat BC-10001 in the same waters on 13 September 2012.

Later, MT Sakthi (ST Kitts & Nevis flag) dinakhodai Sf also caught in the waters of Tanjung Berakit by patrol boat BC-7003 on 14 September 2012. Cargo ship is as much as 650 tons of crude oil worth Rp 4, 5 billion.

The fourth case, he added, is the import smuggling involving MT Admiralty (ST Kitts & Nevis flag) with tugboat Siga-Siga (Indonesian flag) which transfers fuel type High Speed ​​Diesel or diesel from Malaysia are not equipped customs documents.

MT Admiralty and TB Siga-Siga a patrol boat skipper arrested by patroli boat BC-1002 in the waters of Seraya, Batam, on 8 September 2012.

When the officer stopped, the amount of diesel fuel has been transferred to the stomach-Siga Siga about 9 tons of the total charge as much as 951,378 kiloliters. Total estimated value of Admiralty fuel load around Rp100 million.

"The potential losses to the state amounting to Rp20 million in import taxes," he said.

He further said, the skipper of four tankers and a tugboat was named as a suspect smuggling offenses under Article 102A and 102 of Law No17 of 2006 on the Amendment Act No10 of 1995 on Customs.

"Immaterial losses from fuel smuggling cases is destructive to the fuel distribution in the country so as to disrupt the availability of supply of fuel industrial that enabled the industry's rising demand will be met by subsidized fuel," he added. (

Riau Islands Looking for Models to Promote Batik

Written By Kepri Online on Thursday, September 20, 2012 | 23:44

The Foundation of Kepri Model Agency looking for models to promote the region's unique batik.
"We are looking for models to represent the national in Indonesia Model event while promoting Riau Islands's batik," said Chairman of the Model Electoral Committee Kepri Aludin Andi in Batam on Thursday.
Foundation Kepri Model Agency under the care of Aisah Sani, the wife of HM Sani (Governor of Riau Islands) held auditions to find 10 models of women and men to represent the Riau Islands (Kepri) in a similar event at the national level in Jakarta.
Auditions open to the public with the requirements of height 160 cm for women and 165 cm for men.
Auditions conducted at the National Exhibition for Appropriate Technology in Harbour Bay, Batam, 30 September 2012.
In the same place, section Kepri Model Selection event, Nurvanirmala said unlike other model selection, model Indonesia prioritize how to walk on the catwalk and how to bring clothes.
If Miss Indonesia, there should be more insightful and, while Indonesia Model no. Just for the fashion only.
The chosen model will be expected to bring a traditional Indonesian batik shirt and other national and international arena.
Committee elections, Silvi Fiska Anggraini said after the audition will be selected 30 models of men and women to be quarantined for two days.
"After the quarantine, it will be held the final night of October 11, 2012," he said.
He said participants should wear batik typical election Kepri can be obtained at Dekranasda Riau Islands province and every district and town in Riau Islands, family empowerment organization (PKK) and other places.
The event offered prizes totaling millions of dollars to the winner and the winner of the category II photo model, champion and second catwalk, favorite champions, champions the best costumes, friendship champion and champion of intelligence.
"There will be an election favorite model through SMS," she said. (

Ship Carrying Alcoholic Beverages Arrested

Written By Kepri Online on Thursday, September 13, 2012 | 07:39

A cargo ship of named KM Kharisma carrying thousands cartons imported alcoholic beverages arrested by Customs patrol officer in waters off Batam, Riau Islands province.
Illustration: Alcoholic Beverages
Information gathered in the field, KM Kharisma captured the patrol boat BC-7005 that used to patrol by custom officer from Jakarta on Monday (10/9), which also held simultaneously Patrol Customs of Indonesia-Malaysia (Patkor Patkastima) in the working area of ​​the Special Regional Office of Directorate General of Riau Islands Customs.

Alcoholic drinks were allegedly brought from Singapore to Tanjungpinang without barriers like customs documents  beverages containing ethyl alcohol.

Thousands of cartons of alcoholic beverages with Tiger and Carlsberg brand is allegedly owned by a businessman Tanjungpinang but was caught while crossing from Singapore waters.

Parties Special Office of Directorate General of Riau Islands Customs not provide information related to the arrest of the vessel transporting alcoholic beverages.

Meanwhile, evidence such as ships have been withdrawn and arrived at the Ketapang port belongs Riau Islands Customs in Meral District, Karimun Regency on Wednesday (12/9). While the cargo ship being unloaded and transferred to storage of evidence. (

Slovakia Interested in Investing in Indonesia

Written By Kepri Online on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 | 00:23
Riau Islands Governor Muhammad Sani (

Slovakia's ambassador to Indonesia Stefan Rozkopal said, his country's very interested in investing in Indonesia and is developing a number of investments in some areas.

"Free Trade Zone (FTZ) of Batam become one of Slovakia investment destination than other regions in Indonesia. Slovak Government to make Indonesia a priority investment destination," he said during a visit to the Office of the Concession (BP) of Batam with 34 ambassadors to Indonesia for Diplomatic Tour 2012 held the Foreign Ministry said Saturday.

Stefan said that currently there are several projects in the works of Slovakia in several areas including Batam Indonesia.

He added that Slovakia is looking for projects in Indonesia that could also channel experts in the project.

"The energy sector, transport, agriculture and the environment sector is the most desirable Slovakia in Indonesia," he said.

Director of Integrated Services and Public Relation of BP Batam, Dwi Djoko Wiwoho said, Slovakia interested in investing in the development of steam power plant (CPP) capacity of 2x60 MW in Batam with an investment of 185 million U.S. dollars.

"The project power plant is planned to be in cooperation with PT Batam City Development (PKB) and located in Kabil," he said.

The investment plan is a follow up of the cooperation agreement between Slovakia agreements with companies that have signed on June 12, 2012 and in Bratislava, Slovakia, witnessed by Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa and Minister of Finance of the Government of Slovakia.

"There are four areas of business were signed, one of which is the power plant project in Batam," said Djoko.

Besides visiting BP Batam, number ambassador also met with the Governor of Riau Islands Muhammad Sani and made visits to a number of industrial estates in Batam and Bintan Island.

Diplomatic Agenda Tour is planned to last until Sunday to visit some tourist areas on the island of Bintan.(

A company will build Shipping Industry in Karimun

Written By Kepri Online on Sunday, August 26, 2012 | 02:46

A private Indonesia company interested in building the shipping industry in the 200 hectares of land in Meral district, Karimun Regency, Riau Islands Province, which include free trade zone and free port (FTZ).

"The name of our company has not been able to publish. Yet plea was entered and the investment plan is still being processed, including the location permit," said Vice Chairman Karimun Concession Muhammad Tahar in Tanjung Balai Karimun Saturday.

Tahar said, the company would build the shipping industry or the shipyard supported several industry supporting, such as corporate procurement or procurement of steel items required for shipbuilding.

"There will be about 20 companies in the land, including many supporters of the industrial companies shipyard . Allocation of corporate support is not too wide, at most, one or two acres to one company. Which wide to shipyard company , "he said.

In addition to the location permit, he added, the company has also filed a reclamation permit for an area of ​​200 hectares of land that will be on the beach.

"Permission is also still in the process of reclamation. Development because I do not know the staff who handle was on leave, but in the near future soon we finish the licensing," he said.

He said the development of the shipyard in Meral will have an impact on the growth of investment in the free trade area.

"The impact was very positive because it will create new job opportunities. Moreover, economic growth in Meral growing rapidly because it provides a multiplier effect for the public sector," he said.

Currently, he said, a number of shipyard companies has also been established in Meral, such as PT Karimun Marine Shipyard, PT Multi Ocean Shipyard and PT Karimun Sembawang Shipyard, including fabrication and offshore company PT Saipem Indonesia Karimun Branch with an investment of trillions of rupiah.

"In Meral also been standing firm PT Oiltanking fuel storage., And coupled with the Singapore-based company's investment plan will build a gas processing plant in the village of Pangke," he added. (

Using of Saipem Karimun's Helipad Monitored

Written By Kepri Online on Saturday, July 28, 2012 | 05:14

The helipad built the Italian company PT Saipem Indonesia Karimun Branch monitored to anticipate misuse and unlawful legislation.

"It's definitely being watched, each helicopter will land and depart must be reported to the airport tower in Bati Tebing district," said the Head of Department of Transportation Karimun, Riau Islands province Cendra Nawazir.

Supervision, said Cendra, remain to be done in accordance SOP of flight, it is done to prevent the use of the helipad that can break the law let alone threaten the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

PT Saipem build a helipad for the operational needs of the company, especially for emergency purposes and means of transporting guests and clients such as from Singapore and other places.

"Permit issued helipad was Director General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transportation and has begun to operate," he said.

PT Saipem, and fabrication of offshore company is the first and largest investor in the free trade area to build a helipad for the Karimun not have an airport that serves commercial airlines. Bati airport currently serving the non-commercial flight and is in the extension of the runway.

"Hopefully, Bati Airport already serves commercial flights in late 2013, is currently stockpiling for the runway extension was done by the contractor. Next year we are targeting, or the airport terminal building," said Cendra.

Helipadt is built Saipem is a red line area of ​​the company with an area of about 25x25 meters. When a reporter to review the company's location in the village of Pangke, Meral District, helipad painted green was completed and ready for use.(

BI Batam Prepare Rp1,9 Trillion Coming Lebaran

Written By Kepri Online on Friday, July 27, 2012 | 03:16
Bank of Indonesia (BI) Batam office setting currency Rp1, 9 trillion to serve the needs of the community cash before Lebaran 2012.
"BI is preparing Rp1 money, 9 billion for readiness Fitr," said Public Relations Representative Bank of Indonesia Batam Office in Batam Batam Nuryadid Muhammad on Thursday.
Prepared large and small fraction of money. High nominal money of 100 thousand, 50 thousand and Rp20 thousands as 1,83 trillion and a small nominal 10,000 down Rp68,2 billion.

According to him, most people's needs ahead of Lebaran small banknotes, while the large fractional banking.
To serve the community, he said the Bank in collaboration with the conventional banks to exchange small denomination.
"People can change money in banks if their home away from the office of BI," he said.
While up to now, he said, the money changers in the BI Batam Office is still normal.
Service is still as usual, Monday through Thursday from at 8:30:00 pm - 12:00 pm Friday from 8.30 am currently am until 11:30 pm. Until now, BI has not been planning to add a currency exchange counter.
"Usually, more and more on the last day, when it will add a new full window," he said.
Men are usually called Didiek it also reminds the public to prepare before Lebaran currency, given the long bank holiday together.
"On August 17 to 22, the banking holiday together, so that people anticipated," he said.
People are expected to conduct banking transactions such as clearing, deposit withdrawals and other banking before the holidays together.
To the people who want to return home are also reminded of better use of non-cash transactions for the sake of safety.
"It's better non-cash transactions such as using a debit or credit card," he said. (


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